Are you stressed, tired, and uncomfortable?

Are you looking to calm the mind, build health, and increase immunity?

Develop the skills of Qigong and the internal arts.

Qigong and Health Building Practices

  • Learn to develop the internal alignment that is at the foundation of the Chinese internal arts 
  • Build robust health, strengthen immunity, deepen awareness 
  • Experience detailed instruction to develop authentic skills
  • Train simple, step by step progressions, building on each element before integrating the various qualities together
  • Follow our roadmap to success, with the 4 phases of training, providing clear steps along the Path

For sincere students who have yet to find accessible training

Health first training philosophy for developing your internal skills for life.

With over 20 years of experience studying, training, and teaching Chinese internal martial arts

“…I incorporate these skills throughout the week and utilize these methods when encountering stress and recognizing stress triggers. Achieving long term health takes time, effort, and expense. Garth’s internal art classes are the best health benefit I have found yet.” – Theresa H.

Garth will take you through the form and function of traditional internal arts with clarity and precision, so you may grasp even the seemingly abstract qualities on a practical level, reinforced by your own, tangible experience.

…When I first started class I had a great deal of shoulder discomfort, mostly from my lifestyle and other arts I was doing. I can now say that not only is my shoulders 100% better but they have new abilities that I never knew were there! When I was a child I was diagnosed with PTSD and have always been kind of a nervous fellow. After my Xinyi Liuhe Quan practices, I can say I’ve made leaps and bounds with improvements to my PTSD. After these classes, I truly feel I have more control over not just my nervous system but of me as a whole. That is a really great feeling that is irreplaceable and priceless.” – Dusty G.