Lesson 3 – 1st Qigong Exercise

  • Learn the first Qigong exercise

  • Start to harmonize movement, breathing, and intention

  • Flow the body, ease the breath, settle the mind

  • Enroll in the Bagua Internal Arts online academy to go deeper into the Chinese internal arts

Now that we have begun to open our body, organize it into an integrated whole, we can now begin to explore the internal arts.

Qigong is becoming increasingly known in the West to reduce stress and increase well being. It has a long and history in the East and is used to cultivate health as well as other qualities useful in the martial, medical, and spiritual arts.

Here is the first Qigong exercise I normally take my students through. It helps to open the channels and establish the internal movement of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, which in turn gently stimulates the internal organs. This regenerative practice will help build health and strengthen immunity.

With the body warm-up, the Wuji practice, and this first Qigong exercise, you now have a routine you can use in your daily practice.

On the next page, I will show you can how you can gain access to more training inside the Bagua Internal Arts online academy. Enroll now to engage the various internal arts in a systematic way that will greatly accelerate your progress.

Happy training!

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