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  • With Over 20 Years Learning, Training, and Teaching Chinese Internal Arts as well as Over 10 Years of Practice in Chinese Medicine
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“Garth’s online program has a perfect balance between martial & therapeutic practices. His online course is generous, clear, and based on long experience in various fields of Chinese tradition. A lot of effort has been made to make things easy to digest! I highly recommend this course to those who want to start these disciplines in the best conditions but also to more experienced practitioners because the course is aimed at all types of audiences.”

Mohammed Saiah, long time teacher of Qi Gong & Internal martial arts (France)

“…I incorporate these skills throughout the week and utilize these methods when encountering stress and recognizing stress triggers. Achieving long term health takes time, effort, and expense. Garth’s internal art classes are the best health benefit I have found yet.” – Theresa H.

…When I first started class I had a great deal of shoulder discomfort, mostly from my lifestyle and other arts I was doing. I can now say that not only is my shoulders 100% better but they have new abilities that I never knew were there! When I was a child I was diagnosed with PTSD and have always been kind of a nervous fellow. After my Xinyi Liuhe Quan practices, I can say I’ve made leaps and bounds with improvements to my PTSD. After these classes, I truly feel I have more control over not just my nervous system but of me as a whole. That is a really great feeling that is irreplaceable and priceless.” – Dusty G.

I am so grateful for this site! I know that I have said it before, but you are an excellent teacher, easy to follow, and it is evident that you care that we understand. The content is well laid out and I do not feel “rushed” (as with the rest of life). When I am on your site, I can learn and go as my body says, not as the timetable says. I have finally started dabbling in Phase 1. I am still very much in Phase 0 as I feel my joints regain mobility, my posture improving, I feel more balanced and solid, and overall more confident that I am headed in the right direction. You’ll probably hear from me monthly just because I am so thankful for all that I am gaining!! :D  -All the best, Joy

“I’ve been a member of BIA and I really like it! It probably has the best structure I have seen anywhere in the online courses! The Phase 0 and 1 are probably the most important parts, especially for beginners but also as a daily practice…Your program is an excellent template, a roadmap, and anyone who works by it can clearly see the road and build a foundation for further study and development. You have managed to pack in a lot!” -Dimmo A

Garth will take you through the form and function of traditional internal arts with clarity and precision, so you may grasp even the seemingly abstract qualities on a practical level, reinforced by your own, tangible experience.