Lesson 1 – Somatic Exercise to Release Unconscious Tension

Phase 0 – Somatic Exercise

This series of exercises transformed my practice probably more than any other. I was able to release tension patterns in my body that I didn’t even know I had, open up new movement potential, and allow me to go deeper into the internal arts practices than what was available to me previously. I still do these exercises nearly every morning.

I am excited for you to learn how to directly engage the somatic sensory nervous system. Our body is our best teacher and we all have so much to learn.

Be sure to watch the introduction carefully. Understanding the theory will clarify your practice and accelerate your results. I believe this is a major component of learning the internal arts that is commonly overlooked.

WATCH FIRST: Introduction to somatic exercise

23 minute module going through the somatic release exercises in detail.

9 minute daily routine of somatic exercise