Lesson 2 – Posture Release Progression

Dynamic Qualities of Internal Alignment

When I first began training using this map, I had a big epiphany. No need for elaborate choreography and complex movements. At its core, the internal arts use a very specific and simple method of embodiment to raise the health and efficiency of the whole being. It was both exciting and a relief. The path was illuminated. It was up to me to put in the work.

I am excited to share with you the simple yet profound mechanics that set the conditions for dramatic transformation.

Organize the body to be an integrated whole

Requirements to create the frame of compression and release

Harmonizing the various qualities of internal alignment

The foundation for internal arts

Posture Release Progression

4 Point Posture Release

Front Stance Compression and Release Body Method

Expressions of Compress and Release Body Method

3 Planes Arms and Waist Release

3 Planes and 8 Corners Map

Wuji Posture – A Deeper Look at the Internal Qualities

Wuji Posture – 1 Dimension

Wuji Posture – 2 Dimensions

Wuji Posture – 3 Dimensions